TXHT Jersey Share – I Stand With Ethan Bear

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to another edition of TXHT Jersey Share where today we take a look at a special jersey for the Edmonton Oilers courtesy of Cool Hockey

As mentioned above this is a very special jersey and also one of the very few times I willing go out and buy a player’s jersey, but when the opportunity came to purchase an Ethan Bear jersey, I could not pass it up.

Now I should state that I purchased this jersey in early June when Bear was still a member of the Oilers, and it arrived about a week or two before he was traded to the Carolina Hurricanes. With that said this is still a fantastic jersey. I love that Cool Hockey went out and did this and got name plates in the Cree Syllabics, and made these available for sale.

The Bear jerseys were also available in the Alternate Navy and Home Orange jerseys for the Oilers as well, but in all honesty, the road whites are their best jerseys for the Oilers. It looks so clean.

When a Hurricanes jersey becomes available with Bear’s name in Cree Syllabics, I will definitely be purchasing one for the collection.

When releasing the Ethan Bear jersey with his name in Cree Syllabics, Cool Hockey released the following statement:

“Ethan Bear’s jersey with his name bar spelled out in Cree Syllabics honoring his Indigenous heritage. Worn first during his exhibition game against the Calgary Flames in 2020. CoolHockey is proud to stand with Ethan Bear. Now until the end of June we will be donating $25 from every one of these items to Spirit North. Spirit North empowers Indigenous youth to be unstoppable in sport, school and life, through the transformative power of sport and play. Founded in 2009, Spirit North gives Indigenous youth in 62 communities stretching from Ontario to B.C. to Northwest Territories the chance to ski, mountain bike, canoe and try other sports. Half of the organization’s board of governors are Indigenous and charity is guided by an Indigenous advisory council. Learn more about the organization at https://www.spiritnorthxc.ca/.”

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