TXHT Jersey Share – Reverse Retro and the Imposter

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to another edition of TXHT Jersey Share where today we are mixing it up with not one, but two jerseys as we take a look at the Washington Capitals Reverse Retro, and we look at the real authentic version and a cheap knockoff version.

Can you tell which one is the knockoff?

The Authentic

Let’s start with the authentic. As you can see pictured above we have the real Adidas Reverse Retro jersey. Now to obtain this jersey I had to go to eBay rather than my normal method of CoolHockey.com due to the timing and limited release of these jerseys. Let’s be honest, working for Amazon in their warehouse and making about $250 a week and having bills to pay will do that, plus the NHL and Adidas really screwed the pooch with the Reverse Retro release as well, but that’s another rant for another day. I paid $300, not including tax, from a vendor in Texas named ultralightbeam.

The Official Jersey Retailer of TXHT

The Knockoff

Pictured above is the knockoff I got off a website I will not name as I refuse to send people their way and give them business. I only did this purchase with the purpose of doing this article. Knockoffs generally cost between $30 to $100 and are always overseas orders. This one costed me $50.

The Comparisons

First thing to look at is the main crest and the Capitals wordmark on the jersey. As we see here on the Adidas version the jersey we have patches that are complete and to the standard that is used for the jerseys that are worn on the ice by the players. Also a big tell that this is an authentic is how the Capitals wordmark is. It’s one patch compared to multiple patches, which gives it a much cleaner look.

Looking at the knockoff you can clearly tell that something is very off with the main crest. While it is one patch, it’s very bubbly and a little off when it comes to it’s overall look. Also the blue is a little brighter than the authentic is. For the Capitals wordmark they utilize individual patches like how it was done in the mid 1990’s. Also you can tell this one is a fake just by looking at the font too. On the authentic it’s more in a smaller italic font style compared to the knockoff’s bigger non-italic style. Also it doesn’t resemble the font very real either. This could just be how the jersey is, but it also doesn’t feel centered at all either.

Next up we have the shoulder patches, and this isn’t even a contest. On the left you see the shoulder patch on the authentic Adidas jersey. Just like with all Adidas jerseys the shoulder patches are one patch, and doesn’t have any additional patches within the patch, which gives it a cleaner look. On the right we see the knockoff version the shoulder patch sewn onto the jersey in multiple stitching, and with the coloring not matching the look of the real jersey.

The Official Jersey Retailer of TXHT

Now we take a look at the collar of the jersey. First thing that pops out, especially if looking at it while someone is wearing it, is the NHL shield. On the right we see the shield too high on the center part of the collar, and it’s crooked as it slants to the left. For the inside of the collar the writing for “WSH” and “97” are a little bigger on the knockoff than on the authentic. Also the Reverse Retro logo is thinner and longer on the knockoff. For the part where the sizing is, it’s painfully obvious that they just printed something out onto fabric and they just put it onto the jersey, whereas on the authentic you can see that it’s carefully placed and it’s not bubbling like it’s fake counterpart. Last note here, but the knockoff says “Climalite” when it’s now known as “Aeroready” which is shown on the authentic.

This just hurts to look at. On the left is how a fight strap really looks like. On the right… *deep breaths*… I just want to light this jersey on fire now.

Last thing of note is sizing. As you can see I placed my St. Louis Blues jersey underneath the knockoff Caps jersey. Both are listed as a size 52 (large), however, as you can tell the knockoff is actually smaller in size compared the authentic. So if want a large, you’re really getting a medium/large. Note: The authentic is a size 54 (XL). I couldn’t find a size 52 which is what I normally wear.

In Conclusion

Don’t buy these awful knockoffs. They aren’t quality, and the argument that because they’re cheaper it makes them better just makes you look bad. You also look bad wearing them too. Go to CoolHockey.com. Cool Hockey is always running quality deals, like right now for all teams that have been eliminated from the Stanley Cup Playoffs you can save 30% with the code “OFFSEASON30” and they provide free shipping for most orders too. You can’t lose with the real deal.

The Official Jersey Retailer of TXHT

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