Reverse Retro: Central Division

Continuing with the NHL’s Reverse Retro program, today we are going to take a look at the Central Division

Chicago Blackhawks:

The jersey the Blackhawks are going with is based off of the famous barber pole-striped jerseys as well as white alternate jersey design from 1937-1955.

Colorado Avalanche:

The Nordiques look makes its return! Well, sort of. The famous Nordiques logos and white jersey return with the difference being that they are rendered in the current Avalanche colour scheme. The fleur-de-lis which were on the waist and shoulders of the older Nordiques jersey is also featured on these jerseys as well.

Dallas Stars:

The 1999 Cup winning design makes its return for the Stars with an “icy-white” take on the jersey. There are no other featured differences other than the colour differences.

Minnesota Wild:

The Wild are getting the Minnesota North Stars treatment! The Wild logo is going with the North Stars colours, as well as the drop shadow numbers. This jersey is one of my favourites out of the bunch.

Nashville Predators:

The Predators are going with a few looks from their inaugural season in 1998. Most notably those looks are the nicks in the numbers, the striping, and the crest from that season. The only addition is the silver sleeves on the jersey.

St. Louis Blues:

The 1995 jersey, which returned last season as a third jersey, returns again. The only difference here is the colours are flipped between the blue and reds.

Winnipeg Jets:

For the Jets, they are honouring their first season in the NHL from 1979. The design here is also re-mixed and features the current colour scheme with the original design.

Tomorrow TXHT will look at the Metropolitan Division Reverse Retro jerseys.

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