Reverse Retro: Pacific Division

Continuing with the NHL’s Reverse Retro jersey unveils, we are going to take a look at the Pacific Division.

Anaheim Ducks:

The “Wild Wing” jersey makes its return, but this time it is on a white base colour. The Wild Wing jersey from the 1995-1996 season was the team’s first third jersey and still remains the only jersey to feature the team mascot on a jersey.

Arizona Coyotes:

The jersey they are going with is a colour swap of the Peyote the Coyote jersey, which was worn during the 1999 season.

Coyotes first third jersey

Replacing the green on the Reverse Retro jersey is a purple colour.

Calgary Flames:

The Blasty jersey makes a return with a few modifications made on the jersey. When the flaming head jersey debuted in 1998, it would be the franchise’s first third jersey. This would also be the first time a jersey did not feature the famous Flaming C logo as a primary logo. The Blasty jersey would become the team’s home jersey for three seasons from 2000-2003.

On this version of the jersey, the flaming C logo is rendered in white instead of the yellow on the original version.

Edmonton Oilers:

The Oilers are doing simple colour swaps for their Reverse Retro jersey. The jersey is intended to be a nod to Wayne Gretzky’s first season in 1979 as well as the Oilers first season in the NHL. This jersey will also be the first to have a orange yoke on a white jersey.

Los Angeles Kings:

The Wayne Gretzky-era look from the late 1980s-early 1990s makes its return with the franchise’s first colors of Forum blue (Purple) and Gold. This jersey is one my favorites out of the bunch.

San Jose Sharks:

The first third jersey for the Sharks gets a remix with gray taking place as the base color of the jersey with black and teal accents, which also includes the original team logo. Everything else about the jersey more or less remains the same.

Vancouver Canucks:

The original alternate from 2001 contained the blue and red gradient. This time, the jersey contains a blue and green gradient look.

Vegas Golden Knights:

Since the Golden Knights don’t have a NHL jersey to throwback to, the team is going back to a design worn by the Las Vegas Thunder of the International Hockey League.

The secondary logo that is currently worn on the team’s three jerseys is featured as the main logo on this Reverse Retro jersey

Tomorrow TXHT will look at the Atlantic Division Reverse Retro jerseys.

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