NHL Expands Phase 2 to 12 Players per Group

So today in the NHL there were more grumblings outside of the NHL’s announcement for Phase One of the Draft Lottery, but that from trusted sources Chris Johnston and Larry Brooks.


Phase 2 Expansion

Today Chris Johnston of SportsNet tweeted that the NHL will be expanding the player groups to 12 effective tomorrow.


This just 3 days after the NHL announced that 11 players have tested positive, three of which with the Tampa Bay Lightning, for COVID-19. As a result of this Tampa has also had to shut down their training facility due to two other staff members testing positive as well. So this effectively screws Tampa Bay over as they aren’t allowed to skate or practice for who knows how long. And this news has not gone unnoticed as Lightning captain Steven Stamkos chimed in.


And let’s be honest, that emoji speaks 1000 words, and some of which is not so nice.


Player Contracts Extended

Also today Larry brooks of the New York Post reported that player contracts set to expire on June 30th will now expire on October 30th.


Per Brooks, this is in response to Visa issues and not part of a longer agreement, but one could expect a player vote on this for approval, which would most likely pass.


Some Thoughts

This isn’t going to be pretty at all. More players are going to test positive for the coronavirus and it’s going to have an overall negative impact on everything. The fact that Bettman is expanding Phase 2 when it’s clear that not every team can, see Tampa Bay, then you know it’s a horrible idea.


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