TXHT Opinion: Brendan Leipsic’s Instagram comments

Unfortunately, the hockey story I’m about to tell you all is not a good one. It makes me incredibly sad to have to write this article especially during a global pandemic. Sadly, this is a tough task of a hockey writer but that’s just part of the job sometimes. Last night, various local Washington Capitals beat writers broke the story about very unacceptable & misogynistic comments Capitals forward Brendan Leipsic made about current and former teammates as well as their significant others. Leipsic’s comments were made in a private Instagram chat which were subsequently released on Twitter. Screenshots of the private chat were released on Wednesday afternoon. Below are statements made by the Washington Capitals, National Hockey League, and Brendan Leipsic himself.


Washington Capitals statement:


National Hockey League statement:


Brendan Leipsic twitter statement:


My reaction:

First of all let me make this abundantly clear, Brendan Leipsic’s comments were completely unacceptable and out of line. There is no room for the kind of language he used EVER. After viewing the screenshots myself, to me this is the end of Leipsic’s young NHL career. I just don’t see how his career survives this. As a hockey writer and a player as well, you never ever talk about a teammates significant other in the manner in which he did in these Instagram chats. That goes for anywhere in the real world as well and not just the hockey world. If you have something to say about someone, you should say it directly to them. The fact that he spoke negatively about current and former teammates and their significant others cost him a lot. Players won’t trust Leipsic ever again. You then begin to wonder, “What else has he said about me or my loved ones behind our backs”? It appears this isn’t the first time he’s done this either.

My policy is, if you have something to say to someone, say it directly to them or otherwise keep your comments to yourself. If players ever encounter Leipsic on the ice again, they would certainly want to seek retribution for the comments he made about their significant other. I’m sure the players he spoke negatively about aren’t as concerned with what he said about them but, more so about what he said about their significant others. That’s a line you simply just don’t cross. To close, it’s very sad that Brendan Leipsic chose to do this in the matter in which he did. This teaches everybody and hopefully him a very important lesson. The lesson is this, be very careful with what you say and post on social media as it always has a way of coming back to haunt you someday. Essentially karma is a B!


Editor’s Note:

Unlike Scott, who was seeing all of this unfold in real time, I didn’t get clued into all of this until after the Capitals statement was made and Scott texted me about this. Our graphic designer Steve also texted me about this and showed me more clearer images of the text messages. A part of me wants to say that I’m surprised but his, but I’m not anymore. The culture of the NHL, and hockey as a whole, needs to change because there are still way too many issues with this crap. This situation is very similar to that of the Mike Hoffman/Erik Karlsson situation in Ottawa where we saw flat out bullying, and one would assume that once this situation blew up and Hoffman was traded out of Ottawa, and then the eventual departure of Karlsson to San Jose, that a message would’ve been sent to the rest of the League and to the hockey world that this type of behavior is unacceptable, but it’s evident that it’s fallen on deaf ears with Leipsic. I saw someone tweet out that Leipsic is currently with his fifth team in five years. Kinda shows you why now.


If I’m Capitals management, Leipsic doesn’t see the locker room ever again with the exception of collecting his belongings. I’ve gone on record as saying that the 2019-20 season should be ended due to the pandemic, as it rightfully should be, and given how Leipsic is on a one year deal, the decision was made real easy for the Capitals to not re-sign him, and that his career in the NHL can be pretty much be considered over. A stronger message needs to made, and not with just trading away the issue. The issue needs to be eradicated by removing them completely from the game. It’s the only way they’re gonna learn and everyone else gets the message that it’s not acceptable.

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