X75 Productions Official Statement Regarding COVID-19

During this time of no hockey to cover TXHT’s parent company X75 Productions will be utilizing TXHThockey.com (the only website under the X75 banner) to offer non-hockey content which includes the podcasts “Nerdy Notions”, “Power Dorks”, “AwesomeMania”, and “Viva La Candace”.

Also during this time the TXHT writers and contributors have been encouraged to write about their interests outside of hockey while we are patiently waiting to hear about the future of this season.

As of now our focus will be like the actual offseason and will not be on hockey. We strive ourselves in putting out quality content, and when there’s nothing to write about we feel that it’s best to not just put stuff out there for the sake of putting stuff out there. However, the TXHT Jersey Share series, and the upcoming TXHT Card Share series, will have new entries just like we did during the 2019 offseason.

Once hockey returns TXHT will be back to give you the quality content we are known for. Whether it’s a month from now, or come September for training camp, TXHT will be here with your hockey coverage.

In the meantime, please take of yourselves, enjoy life, wash your hands, and most importantly…

Be Excellent.gif

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