Coronavirus and the Impact of a Pandemic

Well to say that the past 24 hours haven’t been stressful would be an outright lie. Knowing what we knew about COVID-19, aka the Coronavirus, going into last night the sports world was already preparing to play games in front of empty arenas and stadiums, but then Rudy Gobert happened.


For those not keeping score at home, here’s a quick recap. Utah Jazz player Rudy Gobert test positive for coronavirus, and as a result the NBA cancelled the Jazz’s game last night and announced that all games after last night would be suspended.  It would also be revealed that Gobert was being careless, and as a result another Jazz player testing positive for the virus. This would send shock waves through the sports world as the NHL, Major League Baseball, and Major League Soccer would all have to evaluate their next moves.


Come to today. Thursday, March 12th, 2020. Welcome to I Am Legend 2… I mean the reckoning of this serious pandemic. Today, the day before the superstitious Friday the 13th, the following announcements were made in the hockey world.



NWHL – Isobel Cup Championship Game postponed to a later date

NHL – Regular Season has been suspended until further notice

USHL – Suspended until further notice

USPHL – Suspended until further notice

AHL – Suspended until further notice

CHL – Remainder of the Regular Season, and all hockey related activity has been suspended until further notice

  • The QMJHL, OHL, and WHL are expected to follow suit as they are partnered with the CHL.

Washinton-Liberty Generals – Game for Friday, March 13th postponed

ECHL – Updated at 826p ET





ECAC – Tournament cancelled

DEL (Germany)

Hockey East – Tournament cancelled

IIHF – Women’s and U18 Tournaments have been cancelled

Erste Bank Eishockey Liga – Current Season has been ended at the discretion of the measures and recommendations of the governments of the participating countries.

NCAA – Frozen Four and All Championships have been cancelled

PVAHA – 2020 Pony Tail Tournament cancelled

USA Hockey – National Championships and Disabled Festival both have been cancelled

Washington Capitals – Capitals College Hockey Combine & Fair and the All Caps All Her events have been cancelled

Hockey Canada – All sanctioned activities including the National Championships have been cancelled. – Updated at 826p ET


Still Playing

KHL – Playing behind closed doors


Liiga – Playing in empty arenas

EIHL – Still Playing as of March 11th.


Status Unknown





So as you can see the majority of the hockey leagues and federations have postponed/suspended or cancelled their seasons or tournaments, with as of now four leagues continuing to play, and another four that we have not gotten confirmation from at the time of this writing. And it’s not just hockey that’s feeling this impact. MLS and MLB suspended their games and team activities until further notice, and the recently debuted XFL has announced that they will not be finishing their inaugural season due to the coronavirus. Plus Disneyland has also closed it’s doors to tourists. You know things are serious when Disneyland closes their park to everyone.


So what now? With potentially about a month without hockey, or sports in general, what now? Simple. Live your lives. Read a book, or a comic book if you’re a nerd like me. Watch movies. Play video games online with friends. Life isn’t ending, we’re just trying to stop it from ending. In due time this will pass, and things will be back to normal.


In the meantime, wash your hands, and enjoy life. And like our friend Shaun says in times like these:



Huge thanks to Shaggy, Dickson, and Carol French for their help in gathering all of the information on all of today’s news.


X75 Productions will be taking over in regards to content provided on the site until there is more definitive hockey news that can be talked about.

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