In the Semifinals, Whale fall to the Pride

The Whale skated off against the Boston Pride in the semifinals of the NWHL playoffs. The Whale beat the Buffalo Beauts in the play in game to get here. Starting for the Whale would be their starter Brooke Wolejko, and starting for the Pride would be their star goalie Lovisa Selander.

In the first period, the Boston Pride scored first, it would take just about half the period to do so. The goal would come from former Whale forward Emily Fluke. The assist on the play would come from her line mate Mary Parker. The Pride would take a 1-0 lead heading into intermission.

In the second period, the Whale would get on the board and tie up the game. The goal would take a little over half the period to get. The goal coming from their All Star, Grace Klienbach. The tie would be short lived though, as the captain of the Pride, Jillian Dempsey would net a goal giving Boston the lead back. The Pride would take a 2-1 lead heading into the third.

In the third, the Whale would really press the game, giving up some offensive chances in the process. It lead to a goal, just a little before half way in the period. The goal was a roof shot coming from Christina Putigna. 9 minutes later Kaleigh Fratkin would put the dagger in the comeback hopes. Very late in the game, the Whale would take a penalty and the Pride would take advantage of it, adding insult to injury. The goal coming from Jordan Juron. The Pride would finish the game up 5-1 and will face the Minnesota Whitecaps in the finals.

Starting Whale goalie Brooke Wolejko faced 47 Pride shots and she made 42 saves, while Pride starting goalie Lovisa Selander faced 30 Whale shots and made 29 saves.


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