Breaking News: Devils & GM Ray Shero “agree to part ways”

Good evening Devils fans! Tonight, the New Jersey Devils announced that the team and General Manager Ray Shero have agreed to part ways. Assistant General Manager Tom Fitzgerald will be the interim GM until the Devils have decided on who will be the next General Manager of this franchise. Devils legend Martin Brodeur will be supporting Tom Fitzgerald as an advisor to him and the hockey operations department. Below is a statement from Josh Harris, New Jersey Devils Managing Partner and Chairman:

My Reaction:

Like every other hockey writer, this move to “part ways” with GM Ray Shero tonight was very shocking and came completely out of nowhere. Pretty much the way I am understanding this is that Ray Shero got fired ultimately and it seems like Devils ownership was not happy with how Shero was doing his job. Clearly ownership and Shero were not seeing eye to eye here. The timing of this is very odd as the Devils are coming off a 5-1 win over the Washington Capitals last night and are playing the Tampa Bay Lightning tonight. The team has also started responding to their interim head coach Alain Nasreddine and they have shown better play lately. Which is another reason why this move is very surprising.

To be completely honest, I am at a loss for words on this move other than to reiterate that this season has been a complete disaster for the New Jersey Devils and that this continues that trend. I imagine the Devils are going to wait until after this season concludes to announce a new general manager and head coach. The Devils will take their time to make sure they have the best leadership possible to help bring back the winning culture this team was once known for. I imagine the new GM and coach will be in place ahead of the NHL draft. Until then, stay tuned Devils fans to see what comes next!

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