TXHT Report Card – The Washington Capitals Next 21 Games

The Washington Capitals have played their next 21 games of the 2019-20 season and it is time for their second TXHT Report Card of the season. TXHT will be doing report cards for the Capitals every 20 to 21 games during the regular season, and comparing how they do each quarter of the season to the previous quarters.


First Quarter Report Card


Key Stats

Record: 27-9-5

Points: 59

Goals Forward: 146

Goals Against: 122

Powerplay: 21.3% (11th)

Penalty Kill: 84.9% (3rd)


First 10 Games

The Capitals would kick off the second quarter of the season with them hosting the Montreal Canadiens, and it would not be a good one for the Capitals as they would fall to Montreal 5-2. However, they would rebound in a tough matchup in Boston as they would defeat the Bruins 3-2 in the shootout. Then to start a fresh week the Capitals would defeat the Anaheim Ducks at home 5-2, but they would fall to the New York Rangers (4-1) and Vancouver (2-1 SO) to put them on a two game skid. But the Capitals would bounce back as they would close the month of November with victories over Florida (4-3), Tampa Bay (4-3 OT), and Detroit (5-2), and end their first ten games of the second quarter on a five game winning streak after defeating both San Jose (5-2) and Los Angeles (3-1) on the road.


The Capitals would go 7-2-1 for 15 points in this ten game stretch, and despite a positive record for the Capitals they struggled against teams they should have beat in the likes of the Rangers and Canucks. While both teams are competitive, they are bubble teams in regards to the playoffs. However, the Capitals showed great determination in their wins over Boston, Tampa, and Florida.


Next 11 Games

To kick off the final 11 games of the second quarter the Capitals would finish off their California trip with a 3-2 victory over Anaheim. However, their return home would be spoiled by the Columbus Blue Jackets with a 5-2 defeat, but would bounce back against Boston (3-2) and in Tampa (5-2). However a trip to Columbus the following game would rear it’s ugly head as they would be shut out by the Jackets 3-0. After three days rest the Capitals would win both games of their back to back over New Jersey (6-3) and Tampa (3-1), but on another Monday night, another tough night as the Capitals would fall to Boston 7-3. The Capitals would finally get their revenge on Columbus after the holiday break with a 2-1 overtime victory, but the next night in Carolina would be rough as the Capitals would fall to the Hurricanes 6-4. To end the month and first half of the season the Capitals would faceoff in a New Year’s Eve afternoon matinee against the New York Islanders which would see the Capitals fall 4-3 to the Islanders.


The Capitals would go 6-5-0 for 12 points, but this would be the biggest test for the Capitals all season. this eleven game stretch pushed adversity onto the Capitals, and Monday nights were a clear take on that as the Capitals were winless in all three games, and they weren’t really in the games either. Losing is a great test of character, and we’ve heard all season how the Capitals can change how they play every game to win, but these losses are good to help remind them that this is still a marathon and not a sprint, and that there is still much to do.


Top Player

John Carlson – 13g, 37a, 50p

  • Carlson has remained a steady force for the Capitals and is the first defenseman since Paul Coffey to record 50 points in his team’s first 40 games.


Overall the Capitals had a good second quarter to the season as they would go 13-7-1 for their most balanced portion of the season. The losses were hard pills to swallow but good for the Capitals in regards to facing diversity, and will help them moving forward as they enter the second half of the season.

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