Breaking News: NJ Devils Fire Head Coach John Hynes

Good evening Devils fans! Just hours before face off tonight against the Vegas Golden Knights, the New Jersey Devils decided to fire head coach John Hynes and replace him with assistant coach Alain Nasreddine to be their interim head coach. New Jersey has fallen well below expectations and are ranked towards the bottom of the National Hockey League standings. The big offseason moves were supposed to help get the Devils back into the playoffs. Unfortunately, this team has vastly under achieved and aren’t getting the results that they were hoping for going into the season. The National Hockey League is a what have you done for me lately type of league and John Hynes was another causality of that effect.


My Reaction: It was about time this happened! I’ve been very clear in previous articles that I have never been a big fan of John Hynes as the head coach of the Devils. Looking at his career in the minor leagues, nothing about him to me ever really screamed head coach material. His in game tactics and his overall hockey systems just don’t work with this team. I also have never been a big fan of how he handles the media either. Not saying he’s a bad guy, in fact he’s a classy stand up type of person/coach. When watching his press conferences, his explanations for his decision making never really made much sense.  I never felt like I ever got a real explanation or understanding of his decision making process. There have been times this season where Hynes kept putting certain players out in tight knit games that shouldn’t have been out on the ice. This team has blown a lot of leads this season when it should have lead to more wins and it’s what cost John Hynes his job. As the saying goes, “You are what your record says you are” and it says he did not coach very well and couldn’t get the best out of his players. Especially after GM Ray Shero went out and acquired players such as PK Subban, Wayne Simmonds, Nikita Gusev, & drafting number one overall pick Jack Hughes to add to skills players like Taylor Hall and Nico Hischier. You would’ve thought this team would play well under him after making the playoffs two years ago. Unfortunately it was not the case. This season was supposed to be about the Devils getting back to the playoffs. Instead, they took another giant step back from last year‘s terrible season and showed no signs of progressing. This was the right move and quite honestly should’ve been made a few weeks ago. This is the first time in 10 years since GM Ray Shero has fired a coach since he fired Michel Therrien when he was the GM of the Pittsburgh Penguins. Time will tell how this team responds and what will happen going forward.


*Feature photo courtesy of the NHL.


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