From the St. James – The Misers vs National Maulers

It’s a rainy Monday night here in Alexandria, VA. Good thing hockey games are played indoors. The Misers squared off against the National Maulers for the first time this season.

In the first period, it was not a great start for the Misers. The Maulers started out firing on all cylinders. However, Tom O’Keefe came up with all the answers. Later in the first, Tom Skiba took a penalty, on the ensuing power play, the Maulers took advantage and got the first goal of the game. The Misers would tie the game up later, with the goal coming from Troy Bradbury. The Maulers would restore their lead before the end of the first.

In the second period, both teams traded chances back and forth, with both goalies coming up with the saves. The Maulers however would double their lead about halfway through the second period. Some more chances would be traded back and forth by both teams, saves were made by both goalies. However, it would be the Maulers with a 3-1 lead heading into the third period.

In the third period, more opportunities presented themselves as the Misers would press the play to try and tie the game up. Five minutes into the period though, Maddie Gillin took a penalty. On the power play, the Maulers would notch another goal, making the game 4-1. Later on in the period, the Maulers would ring the post, with a wobbling shot that would elude everyone, but did not go in. Unfortunately, the Misers couldn’t generate enough offense to get back in the game and the Maulers would seal the victory by a final score of 4-1.

(All things considered, I’d rather be playing.)

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