TXHT Opinion: Ron MacLean Announces End of “Coach’s Corner”

As a follow-up to my previous article about the firing of Don Cherry from Hockey Night in Canada, his former cohost of the “Coach’s Corner” Ron MacLean, announced last night that going forward there will be no more “Coach’s Corner”. Last Saturday night on the now former segment, former commentator Don Cherry made disparaging remarks about immigrants in Canada who don’t wear the Canadian poppy as Canada’s Remembrance Day was quickly approaching. The holiday was celebrated this past Monday and Cherry was fired on the holiday for which his divisive comments were about. Besides announcing the end of Coach’s Corner, Ron MacLean lent us the audiences his thoughts on Cherry’s firing and his in the moment inaction of the displeasing comments that were being made. You can see and hear Ron MacLean’s comments on the situation below:


My Reaction:

First of all, I will commend Ron MacLean for being willing to sit there on live television (with no teleprompter and just his raw emotions) and face the music to discuss what happened a week ago. At the same time, the segment seemed very awkward and the apology appeared to be very scattered. I will say he did seem very remorseful and sad about what had happened and his inaction within the moment while Don Cherry was making his very crude remarks. The reality is, Ron MacLean should have disavowed Cherry’s comments while it was happening but unfortunately he didn’t. However, there is one part of the segment I wish MacLean would’ve taken things a step further to disavow Cherry’s comments.

MacLean should have explained why he decided to “go one way” and discuss why Don Cherry’s comments were completely and utterly unacceptable. You have to be able to put your friendships aside at times and call your friends out when they are wrong. It doesn’t help the person to change or see what they did wrong when you don’t hold them accountable. 

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