Whale Unveil New Jersey for 2019-20 Season

Following this past Friday’s announcement by the Metropolitan Riveters unveiling their new jersey for the 2019-20 NWHL season, today the Connecticut Whale unveiled their new 2019-20 jersey.


After the Riveters new uniforms were unveiled the big question would be what will the Whale do as the past two seasons they have been wearing white as their primary color. With the Riveters now wearing white as their primary the Whale will need to change their jersey primary color. Friday afternoon the NWHL tweeted the following teaser:


The NWHL acknowledged that the Whale would be returning to green for the first time since season two. But how will they look? Well never fear because here they are!


The Whale are now doing a green version of the jersey they wore last season, and originally wore in the inaugural season. This style for the Whale is a long time fan favorite and one of the more artistically designed jerseys in the NWHL. This is a great look for the Whale for the 2019-20 Season.


Per the NWHL Press Release very little was said except for this quote from Whale defender Shannon Doyle:


“Green just feels right.”


And that it does.


*Graphics courtesy of the NWHL.


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