Riveters Unveil New Jersey for 2019-20 Season

Last night the NWHL tweeted a teaser of a new Metropolitan Riveters jersey for the 2019-20 season, and stated that it would be unveiled Friday, September 27th. Here is what the league tweeted:


From first look at this teaser we see that the Riveters primary color this season will be white, which will be the first time they have done so since the inaugural season when they were known as the New York Riveters. We also see the color navy on the sleeves which is also a return since the team’s rebrand to the Metropolitian Riveters as part of their partnership with the New Jersey Devils, which saw the Riveters don Devils inspired jerseys the past two seasons.


However ladies and gentlemen the time for speculation is no more as the after a night of pondering, and envisioning what these new jerseys for the Riveters will look like, here is the official jersey of the 2019-20 Metropolitan Riveters:


So here we are with the Riveters new jersey and here are some observations that jump out right away. After three seasons of having red as a primary color it has now been regulated to just the collar of the jersey. Also for the sleeves it is primarily navy, with white stripes to give it a piping look. Per the NWHL release here is more information on the sleeves:


“The Riveters’ new sweater features a red collar and blue sleeves that are broken up by three white stripes. These stripes hold a special connection to Rosie and to American history. Beginning on D-Day, Allied aircraft had alternating stripes painted on their wings and fuselages to help identify friend from foe.

The stripes on the Riveters’ new jersey serve as an homage to the women who worked in factories constructing aircraft, munitions and other war materials. Without them, an Allied victory in World War II would not have been possible, which is one of the reasons why Rosie the Riveter has become an enduring symbol of female empowerment.”


For the shoulders we see on the right shoulder (left to us) there is a “5” logo to commemorate the team and league’s fifth season in a military style patch format, and on the opposite shoulder we see where the player jersey numbers will go. Here is an image of the full uniform look that Riveters play by play commentator Matt Falkenbury shared on Twitter:


As you can see with Matt’s full uniform reveal the Riveters are using more of a “mechanic” like font for the names and numbers this season which is a welcome change from the typical usual fonts that we see used all of the time.


Now with this new uniform for the Riveters revealed an expected change for the Connecticut Whale is now expected as the last two seasons the Whale have been wearing white as their primary color. Hopefully, and this is just our opinion, the Whale keeps their current style and make the primary color green.


*Graphics courtesy of the NWHL.


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