NWHL News and Notes – September 25th, 2019

Today in the NWHL it was announced that Madison Packer of the Metropolitan Riveters will be working with the Kyle Pavone Foundation (KPF).


Packer, an original NWHLer and Riveter, will be promoting the foundation at all home games this season in honor of her childhood friend Kyle Pavone who passed away on August 25th, 2018 from an accidental overdose.


Kyle and Madison were both raised on the same block in the Detroit suburbs. Pavone was also the former frontman of the band We Came as Romans.


At all home games this season Packer will be wearing a KPF cap as she lines up with her team for pre-game introductions to the crowd, and will also have KPF caps available at all Riveters post game meet and greets with the fans and will sign the caps for any fans who purchase them for a a donation of $20.


All proceeds of the caps sales will go directly to the foundation, and Packer will make an additional, personal contribution.


“Kyle Pavone was an avid hockey fan, and we grew up down the street from one another, often playing street hockey, toilet papering each other’s houses with friends or siblings, and running around the neighborhood causing harmless havoc. It is important to remember Kyle for the legacy he left, the lives he touched and the music he created. It is also vital that we pay attention to the work his family
is doing in the creation of this foundation, and the message behind it.

Overdose is currently the leading cause of death in America for people under 50. It is hard to have the uncomfortable conversations, but it is harder to see a family and community endure the loss. Mental health is important. Substance abuse education is important. They are separate categories that often work hand-in-hand. I have lost a lot of people I love, and watched a lot of people I care about lose someone they love to substance abuse or suicide. Given the statistics, I know I am not alone. This season I am teaming up with the Kyle Pavone Foundation to drive awareness in a much-
needed category, to raise funds to provide resources, and to start a conversation so we can begin to turn the tide. It takes a village to enact change. Join me this season in supporting the Kyle Pavone Foundation, and in standing as an ally for those struggling. To anyone out there who feels lost: you are loved, you are needed, and you matter.”

— Madison Packer

All players will partake in the 50 percent cut of revenue from league sponsorship and media deals. Plus they will also receive 15 percent of revenue from apparel sold with their name on it.

TXHT will continue to provide NWHL coverage as more signings are announced.

*Graphics courtesy of the NWHL.


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