TXHT Reviews – “Trying Stuff” with Ovi O’s

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to a special edition of TXHT Reviews through X75 Productions YouTube series “Trying S(tuff)”. Today on “Trying Stuff” we try the Washington Capitals and Giant Food’s latest collaboration Ovi O’s which is a toasted oat cereal sweetened with honey and natural almond flavor.


Please see the video below for our taste testing and overall thoughts.




Would you like a box of Ovi O’s? Then email us at TXHThockey@gmail.com or through our Contact Us Page here on the website to be entered into our Ovi O’s Giveaway. When entering make sure you use the Subject line “TXHT Ovi O’s” along with a hockey story that you have and to provide your full name and your address so if you win our raffle we can ship you your box of Ovi O’s. Awinner will be chosen at the end of this week.


Don’t forget you can also meet Alex Ovechkin at the CSA Show in Chantilly, VA on October 13th, and a portion of the proceeds for the Ovi O’s will go to the Children’s Cancer Foundation.


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