The NWHL is Coming to Twitch!

Today in the NWHL a monumental announcement was made as the NWHL is coming to Twitch!


Twitch, the world’s leading live streaming platform for gamers and the things we love, will be the exclusive live streaming partner of the NWHL for the next three years, and will feature all regular season, Isobel Cup Playoff, and special event games. It was also announced that the league and Twitch will collaborate on innovative content that will increase the deep connection that the NWHL players have with their fans.



Also as part of this agreement the NWHL will be receiving for the first time in league history a broadcast rights fee. As part of the NWHL-NWHL Players’ Association agreement, revenue from this exclusive streaming partnership with Twitch will be split in half with the NWHL players, and will result in additional income beyond their salaries for playing.


But now let’s get to the nitty gritty of what this really means, and that is the ability to use a platform that is more suited for what the NWHL needs and that is the live streaming. We here at X75 Productions utilize Twitch for various projects including TXHT, and it has been to great benefits for us especially with AwesomeMania. It allows for interactions amongst the viewers and with the streamers which let’s the broadcasts take a life of their own which is great, but also they should be wary of this.


Just like with social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, Twitch does have it’s bad eggs who will troll, harrass, and essentially “ruin it for everyone”. So my piece of advice for the NWHL is to have some very dedicated moderators for all streams that are done and remove all of the people who are there to make it a negative experience for those watching. You have this new platform that will significantly increase your audience, and you will need to make this the most fan friendly environment as possible.


Also with this new partnership with Twitch you now have this channel that allows you to create new content outside of the games that will be streamed live. The NWHL can now explore alternative programming to help grow the game and give the players, and more importantly the fans, a bigger platform to interact and promote the game. Now how can the NWHL do that with Twitch? Well here are some ideas:


  1. NWHL Recap Show
  2. NWHL Talk Show
  3. Gaming Competitions
  4. Behind the Scenes Series

And so much more can be done.


The possibilities are endless, and it is simply exciting for everyone involved, and the great thing about it is that it’s all free. So head on over to today, and make sure you turn on those notifications so you get notified because this season… it’s going to be a great season.


Little Bonus – Here is TXHT’s Twitch debut featuring NWHLPA Director Anya Packer.


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