TXHT Announcement – 2019-20 Jersey Tracking

TXHT is proud to announce that for the 2019-20 NHL Season we will be tracking the jerseys that all 31 NHL teams will be wearing this season.


How TXHT will be doing this is through three methods.

1) In NHL News and Notes

2) On the Washington Capitals and Toronto Maple Leafs Game Recap Pages

3) In the Game Recaps for the Capitals and Maple Leafs


Tracking in Game Previews have not been decided at this time, but is also a possibility.


When you see our Team Previews, which will be debuting tomorrow morning with Anaheim, all 31 teams will have graphics representing their Home, Road, and if applicable, their Alternate or Heritage uniform. Special Event uniforms will not be included in the Team Previews, but will be featured in NHL News and Notes. While there are some teams that will be having alternate jerseys this season, some have not been announced yet and will not be featured in the Team Previews.


TXHT will have a dedicated Jersey Database page for this season which will feature every teams Home, Road, Alternate, Heritage, and Special Event jerseys. This page will be updated when jerseys are unveiled. This page can be found in the 2019-20 sub-section of the NHL section.


For how our jersey tracking will look on the website will look like the following:

ARI RoadMON Home


FLA RoadARI Home


As you can see in the three examples above we see the Arizona Coyotes Road jersey against the Montreal Canadiens Home jersey, New York Rangers Road jersey against the Coyotes Alternate jersey, and the Florida Panthers Road jersey against the Coyotes Home jersey. As you can tell we are only showing off how the logo looks on the front of the jersey. We decided to go with this simpler approach as it is our first season doing the Jersey Tracker. In the future we hope to have full jerseys to display as a part of our tracker.


We hope you all enjoy the Jersey Tracking that we will be doing this season. If you would like to see all of the team jerseys for this season you can visit the page by clicking here.


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