TXHT Jersey Share – First Championship

Today in TXHT Jersey Share we take a look at the jersey that was worn when I won my first and only ice hockey championship.


SF Blackhawks 2004 Front


In the Spring of 2004 after a rockey return to Churchill’s JV team that saw me play two minutes in the JV State Championship Game, I returned to Skate Fredeerick for their Spring House League and played under my long time coach Bill Barse for the SF Blackhawks. For the majority of the season and for the playoffs I played my natural position of left wing and was primarily playing on the fourth line which I was ok with. rarely did I have to go between the pipes as Bill had brought on two other goalies to play, and I only played in net when they weren’t available. However, when Iplayed goalie I wore my Churchill jerseys as my normal SF Blackhawks jersey was too small and would only fit under my forward gear.


SF Blackhawks 2004 Back


Well insert the Championship game and I was preparing to play forward on the fourth line like usual until Bill comes to my dad and I and told me I was playing in goal because the other two goalies wouldn’t be able to come. Well luckily we always kept my goalie gear in the car just in case, and so we had to swap out the gear that I was going to wear that night. Only issue was that I needed to wear my team’s jersey, so Bill actually went and grabbed one of the spare jerseys and gave me what would be the jersey I would wear for my only Ice Hockey Championship (picture lost in my mom’s multitude off messes in the basement). I’ve only worn this jersey once, and luckily once was enough as we won that game 7-5 over the SF Wild.


Got a hockey jersey in your collection you’d like to share? Let us know, and we can add it to our TXHT Jersey Share series.

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