TXHT Jersey Share – The Start of the Street Sharks

Welcome to another edition of the TXHT Jersey Share series as we go to the realm of ball hockey today.


Street Sharks Front


Back in late 2009/early 2010 a group of friends and I talked about playing in a ball hockey league in Fairfax, VA and in the process created our own team. Now originally the team was going to be called the “John Cusacks” and have pink uniforms, but at the last minute the name “Street Sharks” was thrown out there and the rest you would say is history.


Street Sharks Back


I remember when it came to getting uniforms for the team Modell’s still cared about hockey (I think?), and team captain Mateo Samper and I looked at their website and looked over the ball hockey jerseys they had. This specific design really jumped out at us, and the Navy with White really worked well. Having the team name on the front, and then the names and numbers on the back in Silver had a nice touch to it. The red border on the team name and numbers came out really nicely too. Overall a solid jersey that was still being worn recently until the recent team rebrand as now no original Street Sharks are on the team anymore, and the team has taken on a new identity.


For the record, it’s ball hockey. The reason no original Street Sharks are on the team anymore is because real life came into play so some aren’t playing anymore, and others branched out and are playing in other leagues now.


Got a hockey jersey in your collection you’d like to share? Let us know, and we can add it to our TXHT Jersey Share series.

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