TXHT Jersey Share – Going to Need a Bigger Boat

Ladies and Gentlemen we’re going to need a bigger boat as we we’ve caught us a large one with this JAWS themed jersey by Geeky Jerseys.


Sharks Geeky Front.jpg


Not going to lie, but when I was still playing for the Street Sharks I really wanted to wear this as an alternate jersey because it is such a beautiful jersey and it worked in regards to the team I was playing for at the time. But anywho, when you look at this jersey it really does give you a JAWS feel as the creater did a great job of naming the team the “Amity Island Sharks” which is a really nice spin on it, plus it brings the irony that a location would name their team after the very thing that is tormenting them.


Sharks Geeky Back.jpg


As for the jersey itself the overall look is unique. The color scheme works perfectly, and the fact that the red gives a blood effect is really cool. The Shoulder patches are honestly better than the center crest, and the names and numbers being done in blood is a really nice touch. Super awesome jersey by our friends at Geeky Jerseys once again.


Got a hockey jersey in your collection you’d like to share? Let us know, and we can add it to our TXHT Jersey Share series.

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