TXHT Jersey Share – Going to Hollywood

TXHT Jersey Share is going on a road trip to sunny Hollywood for a look at this beautiful Los Angeles Kings jersey.


Kings Home Black 2016 Front.jpg


So funny story about this one. I actually was in Los Angeles during the summer of 2016 for a convention, and I flew into Los Angeles a couple days early so I could explore as much as I could with my friend Brian before the convention started. One of those places we visited was the Sataples Center and when we got to the team store all they had for Kings jerseys were XXL so obviously a jersey wasn’t in order, but I did get that years draft hat so I can atleast say I got something from the Staples Center. However, no matter where I went around town I would not be able to find a Kings jersey either in my sizer, or to my liking. So I bought a Los Angeles Dodgers jersey instead. *laughs*


Kings Home Black 2016 Back


Though through great luck and fortune our friends at Cool Hockey were having a sale to clean out their their stock of Reebok jerseys to make way for the new Adidas jerseys, and I was able to finally secure my Kings jersey. Also through Cool Hockey I was able to get the back customized with my name and number, plus the NHL 100 Patch on the sleeve. Overall a quality jersey and great job by the people at Cool Hockey for making it possible to get this one in my collection.


Got a hockey jersey in your collection you’d like to share? Let us know, and we can add it to our TXHT Jersey Share series.

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