Coming Soon – What to expect from this Offseason

Ladies and gentlemen X75 Productions is proud to announce this offseason’s lineup for


With the 2018-19 NHL Season officially concluded, TXHT will be covering the first round of the 2019 NHL Draft, and the first 36 hours of free agency. Also TXHT will continue to cover the NWHL’s Free Agency news as they are announced. TXHT will also cover all major NHL news throughout the summer as deemed appropriate.


Also this summer TXHT will be doing a Jersey Share series which will feature hockey jerseys that have been collected over the years. This is expected to start in the next week or two.


TXHT will return to full NHL coverage in September.


X75 Productions is proud to announce that AwesomeMania with Ben Taylor and Michael Lindenbaum is back in full force with all of your pro wrestling talk.


AwesomeMania airs live on Twitch every other Thursday night. AwesomeMania will also feature a special live edition at Wilkes Comic Con in Wilkes, NC in July.


X75 Productions is also proud to announce the return of X75 Unsanctioned on Twitch. Join Michael every other Thursday night when AwesomeMania is not recording.

X75 Unsanctioned

X75 Unsanctioned will air live on Twitch from 7p to 9p EST starting this week.


Lastly, X75 Productions would like to announce its newest podcast “Nerdy Notions” with Sasha Kaplan.

nerdy notion3

Join Sasha as she discusses topics in regards to comics, movies, television, and so much more. “Nerdy Notions” will be debuting this week.


X75 Productions will be announcing another new podcast later this summer once all details have been finalized.

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    1. Good evening Mark, and thank you for reading.

      TXHT Jersey Share will be a series where the TXHT team will share their jersey collections and talk about the jerseys and their importance to them.

      It’s just a cool hockey thing to do during the offseason since there isn’t any real news that takes place during the offseason.

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