NWHL News and Notes – May 28th, 2019

Today the National Women’s Hockey League has announced two more signings for the 2019-20 season.


First signjng to be announced was that the Boston Pride have signed 2018 NWHL Draft pick Jenna Rheault to a one year contract.


Rheault will be making $7500 this season in salary.


Next up the NWHL announced that the Metropolitan Riveters have signed their 2018 NWHL Draft pick Cailey Hutchison to a one year deal.


Hutchison’s salary was not disclosed for the 2019-20 season.


Both players will partake in the 50 percent cut of revenue from league sponsorship and media deals. Plus they will also receive 15 percent of revenue from apparel sold with their name on it.


Then later this afternoon the NWHL announced that the Buffalo Beauts have hired Mandy Cronin as their new General Manager.


Cronin is one of the co-founders of the Canadian Women’s Hockey League, and also the founder of M-Power Hockey. As part of her duties as GM, Cronin will collaborate with the league in the hiring of coaches, construction of a roster, and overall management of the team and Beauts’ staff.


TXHT will continue to provide NWHL coverage as more signings are announced.

*Graphics courtesy of the NWHL.

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