NHL Draft Lottery Results are in…..

One of the biggest events of the season the NHL Draft Lottery has taken place tonight and it added a little drama to the night for the Ottawa Senators as they eagerly awaited to see if they traded away the #1 overall draft pick to the Colorado Avalanche as a part of the Matt Duchene deal. Well, they don’t need to wait any longer the results are in and they look like this…

15th – Montreal Canadiens

14th – Arizona Coyotes

13th – Florida Panthers

12th – Minnesota Wild (Down 1 Spot)

11th – Philadelphia Flyers (Down 1 Spot)

10th – Vancouver Canucks (Down 1 Spot)

9th – Anaheim Ducks (Down 1 Spot)

8th – Edmonton Oilers (Down 1 Spot)

7th – Buffalo Sabres (Down 2 Spots)

6th – New York Rangers (Down 2 Spots)

5th – LA Kings (Down 3 Spots)

4th – Colorado Avalanche (Down 3 Spots)

3rd – Chicago Blackhawks (were 12th)

2nd – New York Rangers (were 6th)

1st – New Jersey Devils (were 3rd)

So there you have it the NHL draft has an amazing outcome and the AVS and the Kings drop out of the top 3 and the Hawks and Rangers Jump in.


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