Ted Lindsay – A Legend and Pioneer of Hockey Passes away

Today we at TXHT are sad to announce the passing of Legend and Pioneer Ted Lindsay at the age of 93. Let’s take a look back and remember the amazing career on the ice and off the ice that Lindsay left as a legacy for the Hockey World.

“The Production Line”  that’s what they nicknamed the line of  Center Sid Abel, Right Winger Gordie Howe and of course Left Wing Ted Lindsay. This is where Ted Lindsay became one of the NHL most prolific players. Small in stature compared to most players in the league, His fierceness on the ice led to the Nickname “Terrible Ted” becoming a mainstay throughout his career. His style of play led the NHL to create penalties for elbowing and kneeing.

In the 1949–50 season, he won the Art Ross Trophy as the league’s leading scorer. The Red Wings would go on to win the Stanley Cup that year. Over the next five years, Lindsay helped Detroit win three more championships. Lindsay was the first player to lift the Stanley Cup and skate it around the rink, starting the tradition.


Ted Lindsay, had attended a meeting as a representative of the Detroit Red Wings, Where he would find out that other sports players had been treated much better. Lindsay made it his goal to make sure players had better conditions. in the 1950’s superstars were only making $25,000 ($223,000 in 2019 dollars), and after they retired they were hung out to dry.

Despite the fight back, Ted Lindsay and the Doug Harvey eventually founded the NHLPA – National Hockey League Player’s Association – which eventually change the scape of the how NHL players were treated.

Ted Lindsay was a man who left a strong legacy and who helped shape the game into what it is today. We appreciate his life and the legacy he left behind. Today we salute Ted Lindsay. Rest in Peace.

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