Capitals News – Alex Ovechkin elects to skip the 2019 NHL All Star Game

It was announced earlier today that Washington Capitals forward Alex Ovechkin has elected to not attend the 2019 NHL All Star Game later this month in San Jose.


As a result of Ovechkin, who was also voted as the Metropolitan Division captain by the fans, will be required to miss either the game before the All Star Break (Wed. 1/23 @ Toronto) or after the All Star Break (Fri. 2/1 v. Calgary) per NHL rules.


Honestly, it would be in the best interest for both the Capitals and Ovechkin to miss the game going into the break against Toronto on the road, and return on February 1st at home against the Calgary Flames, but that’s just my take.


Either way, with Ovechkin not going to the All Star Game that brings up two questions.

1. Who will now be the Metropolitan captain?

2. Who will represent the Capitals now?


We will find out both in due time.


*Feature Photo courtesy of the Washington Capitals

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