Top 31 NHL Goalies of 2018 – Statistically

Here are my top 31 goalies in the league this season solely based on statistics. Also, this is not a ranking system, just the top 31 goalies one from each team so far this season. So please don’t feel offended if your team’s goalie is at the bottom or lower than you think. I’m not rating them just stating each team’s best goaltender statistically.

  1. Pekka Rinne – Nashville Predators: 14-6-1  .926 SV% 1.97GAA NSH

Numbers really speak for themselves here. Only goalie on the list allowing less than 2 goals a game and in the .920s for save percentage. Rinne has always been a fantastic regular season goalie, it’s the playoffs that seem to cause him trouble.

  1. Mikko Koskinen –Edmonton Oilers: 11-4-1 .928SV% 2.18GAA

What a surprise Koskinen has been for the Oilers this season. The last time we saw Koskinen he couldn’t stop a beachball, went overseas and signed with the Oilers in the offseason as a relatively small signing and seems to have reinvented himself here in the NHL after a lengthy absence. He faces a lot of shots, but seems up to the task.

  1. Andrei Vasilevskiy – Tampa Bay Lightning: 11-3-2 .930SV% 2.35GAA

Vasilevskiy’s numbers won’t be the most shocking as he was superb last season as well, but even after coming back from injury he came out and shut the door on the Toronto Maple Leafs high octane offence.

  1. David Rittich – Calgary Flames: 11-4-1 2.20 .925

Rittich has had some ups and downs but for the most part has stolen the starting job from Mike Smith with some impressive numbers.  He has been a catalyst in helping Calgary off to a very strong first 30 games.

  1. Ben Bishop – Dallas Stars 11-8-1 .922SV% 2.35GAA

Bishop quietly has put up some solid numbers. Dallas has had some under performers and tons of injuries so it really hasn’t shown on their record a lot but don’t count Bishop out.

  1. John Gibson – Anaheim Ducks: 15-9-4 .927SV% 2.52GAA

Gibson has put up unreal numbers for a team that has struggled at times with the injury bug and even with their own consistency.

  1. Frederik Andersen – Toronto Maple Leafs: 18-9-1 .923SV% 2.53GAA

Andersen has been probably the Leafs most consistent player all season. He’s been solid, Spectacular and a model of consistency when the Leafs needed it the most. He’s another goaltender that gets a lot of shots but has learned how to handle it.

  1. Jaroslav Halak – Boston Bruins: 10-5-2 2.27SV% .929GAA

Halak is a bit of surprise here on the list considering there is no doubt who the number 1 goalie is in Boston. Tuukka Rask has struggled a bit this season with injuries and at time with his play. He is slowly coming back to form. But as of now Halak as been the better goalie.

  1. Jack Campbell – Los Angeles Kings: 5-7-0 2.33SV% .923GAA

He is a real shocker, no Jonathan Quick and I have one reason for that injuries. Campbell was the back up and stepped and played really solid. His record doesn’t show it but those stats do.

  1. Casey DeSmith – Pittsburgh Penguins: 12-6-4 .923SV% 2.49GAA

Another backup who got a chance because of injury to the starter and boy has he impressed. The Penguins are probably very happy that they have 2 goalies who can play.

  1. Thomas Greiss – New York Islanders: 12-6-1 .919SV% 2.52GAA

Islanders have been a slight surprise this year. After losing John Tavares everyone thought the team was doomed to be in the basement of the league. But Greiss has helped them to a respectable record and his numbers are pretty good considering.

  1. Curtis McElhinney – Carolina Hurricanes: 7-3-1 .920SV% 2.36GAA

Leafs put McElhinney on waivers and he was shocked but took it as another challenge in his career. Picked up by Carolina and has been very impressive. As a Leafs fan this really doesn’t shock me.

  1. Marc-Andre Fleury – Vegas Golden Knights: 19-10-2 .907SV% 2.58GAA

Vegas struggled out of the gate and Fleury stayed consistent. Number are down from last season but I think everyone knew that Vegas was going to come back down to earth a little bit.

  1. Carter Hutton – Buffalo Sabres: 13-9-2 .917SV% 2.61GAA

Hutton a career back up, who looked like he was poised to take a starter role finally after a superb year last season. Has taken the reigns in Buffalo and has yet to let go. He’ll have to keep up these numbers if he wants to keep the job as rookie Linus Ullmark knocks at the door.

  1. Devan Dubnyk –Minnesota Wild: 12-11-2 .911SV% 2.64GAA

Minnesota has not been great this season, But Dubnyk has been the epitome of consistency. Posting solid numbers and being one of the reasons why they have a decent record.

  1. Jimmy Howard – Detroit Red Wings: 10 – 7 – 4 .922SV% 2.69GAA

Howard has not had a very good team this year, as the Red Wings are in a rebuild. But Howard has shown he can be a good goalie when called upon.

  1. Semyon Valarmov – Colorado Avalanche: 11-8-3 .913SV% 2.79GAA

This could be Varlamov’s last season in Colorado with his contract ending and Grubauer signing during this offseason and don’t get me wrong Varlamov has been good but he hasn’t run away with the starting job. Some would say that Grubauer has given him more than a push and he may have even taken the starting role.

  1. Martin Jones – San Jose: 14-7-3 .901SV% 2.81GAA

Martin Jones has taken a step back this season. His numbers have dropped and it shows in how his team is playing. Barely hitting over the 900 save percentage and pushing almost 3 goals a game.

  1. Brayden Holtby – Washington Capitals: 13-8-2 .911SV% 2.86GAA

Holtby has a good record and decent stats but the last few season has struggled in the season. But in the playoffs be careful he’s a different beast.

  1. Sergei Bobrovsky –Columbus Blue Jackets: 13-10-1 .905SV% 2.86GAA

Bobrovsky has really tailed off this season, really struggling to find his groove but Joonas Korpisalo hasn’t really done much to steal the job away.

  1. Henrik Lundqvist –NY Rangers: 10-9-5 .914SV% 2.87GAA

Lundqvist is finally showing his age, putting up much below his normal numbers. Expect ”The King” to stay around this numbers till he retires.

  1. Darcy Kuemper – Arizona Coyotes: 4-8-2 .909SV% 2.87GAA

Antti Raanta should be here but injuries have foiled what looked to be a great season for him. Kuemper has been their next best option in net. Hill came up from the minors and has played fantastic but on a very small sample size , I wasn’t prepared to make him the best they have right now.

  1. Conor Hellebyuck – Winnipeg Jets: 15-9-1 .908SV% 2.90GAA

Hellebyuck had an amazing season last year but this year has started off much almost average 3 goals a game and getting close to a 900 save percentage. After signing a big deal the hope is he’ll continue to improve.

  1. Carey Price -Montreal Canadiens: 13-10-4 .902SV% 2.91GAA

Price is a having a comeback year of sorts but still not back to his normal self. Averaging almost 3 goals a year and a close to 900 save percentage. Now this could be due to the Canadiens not being great, but being a middle of the pack team.

  1. Roberto Luongo – Florida Panthers: 7-5-1 .906SV% 2.05GAA

Started off the season with a few injuries but age has grown well on Luongo who is still posting good numbers.

  1. Keith Kincaid – New Jersey Devils: 11-9-6 .902SV% 3.00GAA

Kincaid is in a tough spot in New Jersey, as they are not the greatest team in the league. Despite the numbers and playing on a subpar team Kincaid has looked really good on most nights.

  1. Jacob Markstrom – Vancouver Canucks: 13-9-3 .904SV% 3.01GAA

Who else thinks that if the Canucks had some consistent goaltending they would be a team to be scared of? The Canucks are hoping Demko is he answer to the problems.

  1. Jake Allen – St. Louis Blues: 11-9-4 .899SV% 3.14GAA

What a terrible year Jake Allen is having. He was trusted with becoming the number one in ST.Louis and has been a complete flop.

  1. Craig Anderson – Ottawa Senators: 14-12-3 .907SV% 3.49GAA

Anderson has had his struggles this season but I believe it’s mainly becaue of a very very young defence. With Ottawa very clearly in rebuild mode. Ottawa is letting their young guys play and that could mean Anderson’s year could get worse.

  1. Corey Crawford – Chicago Blackhawks: 6-14-2 .902SV% 3.28GAA

Injury plagued season for Crawford yet he still is the best goalie in this organization.

  1. Brian Elliot – Philadelphia Flyers: 6-7-0 .911SV% 2.59GAA

Not really much to say about Elliot, since leaving St.Louis he has never reclaimed the form he once had.


Thoughts? Disagreements? Let me know would love to talk!

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