“The Xperience: Hockey Talk”, aka TXHT, has officially severed all ties to the DCHL and will no longer associate with the league.


TXHT is committed to Serious Hockey Talk for Serious Hockey Fans, and we will be working diligently on looking for a new opportunity to bring you live local hockey games here in the DMV area.


In the meantime, we will be removing our Street Sharks content for the time being until we have clear direction on where things will be heading for TXHT.


We are excited to move away from the toxic atmosphere of the DCHL, and we looking forward to the future and what is to come.


You can watch TXHT Live tonight at 8p EST on both Twitch and Facebook Live.


2 thoughts on “OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT! – TXHT Severs Ties with the DCHL

  1. I play in the REC league there and absolutely love it! I’m not sure how the environment could ever be considered toxic unless one would actually go out of their way to make it that way. I think the league has well over 450 happy members who play there just for fun and to get exercise. I don’t think it’s very nice for you to put them on blast like that and it makes your page look really bad, especially when you’re still looking for other leagues to hop on your channel, after you scare them away like that.


    1. Hello there and thank you for your comment.

      While you and others may be happy playing the DCHL, there are those who are not, but choose to not vocalize it like others have. Our parent company X75 Prioductions has had many dealings with the league and has found dealing with this league to be very tedious, especially with how this Commissioner perceives how hockey should be, and also with their general way of doing business.

      As for our comments on the league, the truth can hurt. Sometimes it’s nice, sometimes it’s not. It’s just how the truth works. It’s also based on perception. You and others have a positive one and that is your truth, while us and others have a negative one and that is our truth.

      As for potentially working with other leagues in the future, we are going to be leaving that to the brass of X75 Productions to work on as they have some ideas on what they would like to do with TXHT and live streaming hockey moving forward. Nothing will be decided immediately, but we expect something to be announced before 2018 is over.

      Again thank you for your comment, and have a lovely night.


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