Game Recap – 10/20/2018 – Minnesota Whitecaps v. Metropolitan Riveters



Minnesota Whitecaps (2-0-0 4pts) v. Metropolitan Riveters (0-3-0 0pts)





Minnesota Whitecaps:

Amy Menke – Hannah Brandt – Kate Schipper
Jonna Curtis – Katie McGovern – Allie Thunstrom
Kalli Funk – Haylea Schmid – Meaghan Pezon

Lee Stecklein – Amanda Boulier
Tanja Eisenschmid – Emma Stauber
Amy Schlagel – Chelsey Brodt Rosenthal

Amanda Leveille
Julie Friend


Metropolitan Riveters:

Rebecca Russo – Madison Packer – Amanda Kessel
Fiona McKenna – Alexa Gruschow – Audra Richards
Rebecca Morse – Kristin Lewicki – Erika Lawler

Michelle Picard – Chelsea Ziadie
Kiira Dosdall – Jenny Ryan
Kelsey Koelzer – Lexi Slattery

Katie Fitzgerald
Kimberly Sass


First Period:

Riveters Penalty – 13:33 – Jenny Ryan 2 minutes for Tripping

Whitecaps Goal – 18:13 – Chelsey Rosenthal (1) from Amy Schlagel

Riveters Goal – 19:08 – Madison Packer (1) from Michelle Picard


End of 1st – MIN – 1       MET – 1

Shots              10                6

Faceoffs         11                6

Hits               00                  00

PP                 0/1                 0/0



This game started off slow and a little sloppy for both teams as they went through a feeling out process, but as the game progressed both teams settled in and started generating good scoring chances for each other.


Need to Do:

Riveters – The Riveters need to do a better job of setting up in the Whitecaps zone, and creating some better scoring opportunities. Also the Riveters need to make some better and cleaner passes.


Whitecaps – The Whitecaps did a great job of getting passes to their points to get shots on goal and will need to continue to do that.


Second Period:

Riveters Penalty – 3:23 – Kiira Dosdall 2 minutes for Tripping

Whitecaps Goal – 12:31 – Amy Menke (1) from Jonna Curtis

Riveters Goal – 17:46 – Madison Packer (2) from unassisted

Whitecaps Goal – 19:04 – Meaghan Pezon (1) from Kalli Funk


End of 2nd – MIN – 3        MET – 2

Shots               23                  14

Faceoffs          23                  13

Hits                 00                  00

PP                   0/2                  0/0



This was a much better period for both teams. The passing was much crisper and some of the better scoring opportunities were generated for both teams. The Riveters were also much more efficient with their overall game, but the Whitecaps were the much better zone team.


Need to Do:

Riveters – The Riveters played a much better 2nd period and responded well when the went down 2-1, but they need to do much better in the faceoff circle. Faceoff wins will help with possession.


Whitecaps – The Whitecaps also had a much better period, and were able to take the momentum back with the late goal for the 3-2 lead. The Whitecaps need to keep pushing the pressure in the Riveters zone.


Third Period:

Riveters Goal – 2:33 – Audra Richards (1) from Kelsey Koelzer

Whitecaps – 9:32 – Hannah Brandt (3) from Lee Stecklein

Whitecaps Penalty – 10:38 – Allie Thunstrom 2 mins for Hooking

Whitecaps ENG – 19:41 – Jonna Curtis (1) from Hannah Brandt


End of 3rd – MIN – 5         MET – 3

Shots              22                   27

Faceoffs        31                    18

Hits               00                     00

PP                 0/2                    0/1



This was a fun game to watch. The first perood was a little sloppy for both teams, but with the 2nd period, the game tightened up and both teams started to play much better. The Whitecaps were clearly the better in the faceoff circle, but the Riveters took the shot advatage. Both teams responded well when the other scored, but it would be the Whitecaps getting the empty netter to clinch this one.


Post Game Interviews:

Minnesota Whitecaps:

Amanda Leveille – 


Lee Stecklein – 


Metropolitan Riveters:

Madison Packer – 


Audra Richards – 


Michelle Picard – 


Special Thanks to Dan Rice and Mike Murphy for allowing us to publish these interviews that featured them asking questions as well to the players after the game.


Next Up:

Minnesota (3-0-0 6pts) v. Metropolitan (0-4-0 0pts)


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