Welcome to TXHT’s Official Website!!

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Welcome to TXHT’s official website TXHTHockey.com!


This has been an amazing journey for TXHT, and with our new website our journey has now started a new chapter and we can’t wait for the 2018-19 season to kick off as we enter our 4th season doing the show.


This season we also embrace change as along with our show moving from Saturdays at 11a EST to Wenesdays at 8p EST, we also are now going to be posting Articles, Live Game Conversations, and so much more.


We have a page for the Street Sharks who our creator and host Michael Lindenbaum plays for. With that page you’ll get to meet the team, and also see all games that they have played in, and will be updated when games are played.


We are currently working on a restoration project to bring you the first three seasons of TXHT and will be available in our Archive section. Stay Tuned as this is a work in progress.


The new Season of TXHT starts Wednesday September 12th at 8p EST live on Twitch and we can’t wait to bring the serious hockey talk to all of the serious hockey fans.


Michael Lindenbaum

Producer and Host

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