Power Dorks Statement

X75 Productions would like to release this official statement from Power Dorks co-host Ed Prins-Stairs in regards to the delay to Power Dorks’ Green With Evil week long special.


I would like to issue an apology for the delay on Power Dorks. This past Wednesday someone violated my personal space, to which I asked them to please give me some distance, however, they decided to forcably kiss my head. This shocked me especially due to the current events with COVID-19. I became overly stressed due to the position I am in due to not being able to do my job as a result of COVID, as well as a family fight which pulled on my final nerve, and a lot more.

Due to this, some plans on how to approach Power Dorks are being reconsidered and we hope they will be good ones to help the show be more active. But with all this, please understand my mental health and when something really traumatic happens, my health has to come first.

Thank you all for your patience, and I once again apologize for the delay that this has caused for Power Dorks.

– Ed Prins-Stairs


On behalf of everyone here at X75 Productions, we want to thank our listeners for their support, and for their understanding during this time. We would also like to thank Ben Taylor for stepping in and recording a couple filler episodes while this was taking place.


Power Dorks’ Greeen With Evil week long special is slated to begin this upcoming Monday, April 27th, and concluding on Friday, May 1st. A new format for the show will then go into effect once Green With Evil has been concluded, and an announcement for those changes will come in the coming week or two.

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