X75 Productions Announcement – “Power Dorks” Podcast Debuting Friday June 21st

X75 Productions is proud to announce that “Power Dorks” with Michael Lindenbaum and Ed Prins-Stairs, aka GamerSpax, will be debuting Friday June 21st, 2019.


“Power Dorks” is a Power Rangers podcast that will have Michael and Ed review every episode of Power Rangers starting with the Mighty Morphin days all the way up to where we are now with Beast Morphers.


Each episode of Power Rangers will have it’s own episode of “Power Dorks”, and eventually Michael and Ed will also cover the Power Rangers movies and the Sentai series that Power Rangers is based on.


The first episode of “Power Dorks” that will be debuting tomorrow will be reviewig the debut episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers titled “Day of the Dumpster”.

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