OFFICIAL! – TXHT Podcast Changing Formats, Date and Time in 2019

Official Statement:

“The Xperience: Hockey Talk”, aka TXHT, will be undergoing a format change for it’s podcast starting in January 2019. As a result of this format change that TXHT will be going through, TXHT will go on a break for the rest of the year effective Wednesday November 28th, 2018.


We can announce that one of the changes that TXHT will be undergoing will be that TXHT will no longer air live on Facebook Live or on Twitch moving forward. Instead TXHT will now be recorded and then posted in an article here on every Saturday at 8a EST. the reason we are doing this is because our team has grown in the past few months since the creation of the TXHT website, and we want to give these new members of the TXHT team an opportunity to have their voices heard alongside their articles. However, we have been finding it difficult to try to get them on the show with the current format hence the changes that we are making to the podcast.


TXHT will still feature Washington Capitals game coverage along with NWHL and NHL coverage, but will now feature some more unique features to the show that we can’t wait to debut.


We thank everyone for your continued support, and we can’t wait to roll out the new and improved TXHT podcast in January.

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